Boston North Shore Homes for Sale Listing: What is a Sale Pending?

If you’re shopping a Boston North Shore homes for sale listing, you’ve no doubt seen the designation “pending” or “contingent” next to the listing online, attached to a yard sign, or in the newspaper. If you’re like many prospective home buyers, you may not fully understand exactly what those terms mean. Some buyers mistakenly assume […]

Boston North Shore Home Improvement Issues and Solutions

As a homeowner, no doubt you’re familiar with Boston North Shore home improvement issues. Every home has those nagging problems that arise from time to time. Many times they are too minor to call in a professional, but they still require attention – and repair. The good news is you can easily tackle these and […]

Boston North Shore Real Estate News Outlook: Housing to Cost More?

Making the Boston North Shore real estate news outlook is the recent policy from the Trump administration that it had reversed one of the eleventh hour decisions made by the outgoing Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The reversal involved the reinstatement of a cut in the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) annual insurance premium. […]

The Boston North Shore Home Inspection: What to do Next?

During a Boston North Shore home inspection, it’s not unusual for issues to arise which need repair or replacing. Many times, it can mean a return to the negotiating table so the buyer and seller can hammer out the details of who’s going to fix what – or how much of a credit the seller […]

Boston North Shore Home Buying Checklist: The Top 8 Tips

We’ve assembled a Boston North Shore home buying checklist for people thinking of entering the real estate market, looking to buy a house. Let’s take a look at these seven important tips. 1 – Home buying should be for the long haul. Not too long ago, buying houses and turning around and selling them (or […]