Boston North Shore Mortgage Rates May Still Rise in 2015

Boston North Shore mortgage rates could still be on the uptick despite conflicting economic indicators. Boston North Shore Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart, a highly-respected voting member on the Fed’s monetary policy committee, said there is “more downside risk” to the U.S. economy as a result of an international slowdown and stagnation in addition to the […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Rules to Protect Consumers

The Boston North Shore mortgage industry now has new regulations in effect designed for lenders to be more transparent in their dealings with borrowers. The areas of reform are aimed at simplifying and streamlining some of the consumer disclosure documents in order to make it easier for borrowers to understand various lending programs. Boston North Shore […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Market: ARMs Popular Again?

Once upon a time in the Boston North Shore mortgage market, "adjustable rate mortgages" (ARMs) was a phrase that was shunned. During the Great Recession of just a few short years ago, many consumers experienced their mortgage payments spike to levels of unaffordability. Sadly, some of those homeowners fell victim to foreclosure. But what about […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Tip: Use Caution With Home Equity

As Boston North Shore mortgage borrowers continue to see home prices rise they have increasingly more equity to utilize. Industry experts say that nationwide home equity has risen by nearly $825 billion. That represents a 250% increase over home equity levels of just four years ago. However, tapping into that equity by using a home equity line […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Market To See Changes

In a move to assist Boston North Shore mortgage borrowers, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) announced it will make substantial changes in a lending program for low-to-moderate-income households. The program, dubbed HomeReady, is scheduled to begin in December. It promises to feature new lending guidelines recognizing that many of Boston North Shore mortgage […]