Latest Boston North Shore Real Estate News: Fair Housing Gets Fairer

The latest Boston North Shore real estate news recently included the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issuance of new regulatory guidelines to the Fair Housing Act. The new guidelines more closely quantify and qualify “those actions or policies by landlords, property managers, real estate agents or lenders that could be classified as […]

Is There a Boston North Shore Housing Bubble Looming?

Among several housing-related stories making the news around here locally asks the question, Is there a Boston North Shore housing bubble in our future? Before we can attempt to answer the question, let’s define what is meant by a “housing bubble.” What exactly is a “Housing Bubble?” A “housing bubble” is an increase in housing […]

Boston North Shore Real Estate News May Affect Luxury Home Prices

The latest Boston North Shore real estate news indicates recent employment gains could improve the price recovery of luxury homes on the market. During the first quarter of 2016, unexpected stock market volatility caused a decrease in luxury home values. Prices were able to recover slightly during the second quarter with an increase of nearly […]

Boston North Shore Real Estate News: What to Expect Moving Forward

Boston North Shore real estate news includes one recurring question:  “Where are all the houses?” It’s a question real estate professionals, economists and prospective homebuyers have been asking for some time now. While home buying demand is high and home prices have been on the rise, the real estate market has still not completely recovered. […]

Student Loan Debt Hurting Boston North Shore Home Buying

The Boston North Shore home buying experience continues to be an elusive one for many first-time purchasers for a variety of reasons. Student loan debt is among the biggest hurdles facing prospective buyers that ordinarily would be prime candidates to purchase homes. In addition, not only is student loan debt responsible for delaying first time […]