Boston North Shore Economic Update: The Cost of Housing

As spring rapidly approaches, the Boston North Shore economic update is for housing to cost more for many new prospective home buyers. Higher mortgage rates, rising home prices and slow-to-moderate job and income growth threaten to combine for a less than stellar spring home buying season. The end of 2016 saw home affordability reach its […]

Boston North Shore Economic Outlook – The Election Impact

The Boston North Shore economic outlook will likely become a little bit clearer – or not – now that the presidential election has been decided. And for an election that was largely based on campaign rhetoric regarding the U.S. economy, the nation’s housing concerns have been largely ignored by both candidates. Let’s take a brief […]

The Boston North Shore Economic Market: Bubble Talk Double-Talk

The Boston North Shore economic market has been battling the notion for some time now that the U.S. is headed for another housing bubble. A repeat of the recession and housing crisis from less than a decade ago is unlikely at best. Yet, there are those that have warned of another housing meltdown like the […]