Boston North Shore Mortgage Rate Outlook: Rates Rising?

The Boston North Shore mortgage rate outlook this spring is creating a sense of urgency on the part of prospective home purchasers. With interest rates having edged up slightly and home prices rising continuously, many borrowers are making a beeline to apply for home loans. Their rationale is the sooner they act, the more they […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Forecast: Easy Money?

The Boston North Shore mortgage forecast – at least for the near future – is that home loans will continue to be easier to obtain than anytime in the last ten years. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) recently published a report showing data that seems to suggest mortgage lenders have relaxed many of their lending […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Rates: Still a Good Time to Buy a Home

Boston North Shore mortgage rates continue to be in the news. With the recent rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, and the likelihood of additional increases on the horizon, the obvious question remains, “Is it still a good time to purchase a home?” Let’s look at what’s transpired in recent months since the […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Outlook: Are Rates Going to Rise?

The Boston North Shore mortgage outlook is expected to include higher interest rates for 2017. The Federal Reserve’s recent short-term interest rate hike was both highly anticipated and expectedly minimal. And, while the fed funds interest rate has little direct correlation to longer-term mortgage interest rates, there has been – and may continue to be – […]

Rising Mortgage Rates Could Hurt Boston North Shore Housing

The Boston North Shore housing and economic outlook for 2017 seems to be filled with nagging questions about how gradually increasing interest rates may affect the continued improvement of the housing market. While interest rates have edged slightly upward in the last several weeks – most notably in response to the stock market’s post-election gain – […]