Boston North Shore Tax Mistakes

As the Boston North Shore tax deadline looms closer and closer, homeowners should be careful not to make any of these costly home-related mistakes. Tax professionals say these mistakes are common among homeowners who either don’t know the current tax laws or are careless in their paperwork. Boston North Shore Tax Tips: Avoid Costly Errors […]

Tips for Boston North Shore Tax Returns

It’s almost time for filing Boston North Shore tax returns and the IRS would like you to be aware of some changes before you file your 2015 returns. First, due to the Emancipation Day federal holiday in Washington, DC the filing deadline will be Monday, April 18th this year. When you do get ready to […]

Boston North Shore Tax Deductions

Boston North Shore tax deductions are valuable commodities. And like most valuables, they are often well guarded. Deductions have been compared to buried treasure — because they are so valuable and they’re often buried, or at least hard to find. Deductions reduce the amount of income you’re taxed on, which reduces your tax liability. Here […]

Boston North Shore Taxes: Avoiding Retirement Surprises

Boston North SHore taxes can throw some retirees a curveball if they’re not knowledgeable or prepared. Like most Americans, you’ve worked hard all your life and saved or invested for years to be able to enjoy retirement. What you don’t know about taxes could make retirement a little less enjoyable. Boston North Shore Taxes – What to […]

Appealing Boston North Shore Property Taxes

Higher Boston North Shore property taxes are sometimes a good thing. That’s because it usually means home values have increased. Did you know that if you feel your Boston North Shore property taxes are too high you can file an appeal? Here are a few tips to follow. Review Boston North Shore Property Taxes When you receive your […]