Boston North Shore Economy Sees Growth in Senior Debt

The Boston North Shore economy is full of them –– older Americans who collectively have more debt than ever before. Baby boomers who’ve lived in the generation of rising housing prices, more expensive cars, and the staggering cost of higher education, now find themselves nearing retirement owing money. Recent data released by the Federal Reserve […]

Boston North Shore Economy Lags

Growth in the Boston North Shore economy was sluggish during the last quarter of 2015, contributing to the overall U.S. economy which ended with a 0.7% annual rate. Economists say the slowdown was due, in part, to cautious consumer spending, reduction in businesses making investments and stagnant exports to other parts of the world. Boston North Shore […]

Boston North Shore Economy Part of Nationwide Job Gains

Average unemployment in the Boston North Shore economy mirrors that of the U.S., remaining steady at 5%. That’s a 7-year low. As the economy has grown, more people looked for employment. Job additions exceeded expectations according to recently-released November statistics. Job Growth in the Boston North Shore Economy Job gains were solid nationwide, with employers adding 211,000 […]

The Boston North Shore Economy: Saving vs Spending

Recent statistics show Americans are saving faster than they are spending. The shift in consumer spending habits in the Boston North Shore economy began during the most recent recession. The trend looks like it will continue heading into the holiday shopping season and beyond. The Frugal Boston North Shore Economy Americans saved over $40 billion in October alone. […]