Essex is a wetland full of character with many creeks like Walker Creek, Soginese Creek, and Hardy’s Creek. Essex MA homes for sale are equally unique surrounded by an array of attractions, excellent restaurants and an abundance of antique shops.

Essex used to be part of Ipswich and was called Chebacco Parish. “Chebacco” is a Native American word from the Agawam tribe that refers to a sizable lake that connects to Hamilton. The early European settlers settled in Essex in 1634 and in 1819 Essex was incorporated as a town.

Shellfish are a big part of Essex. There are many clam flats and clams are a popular food. In fact, fried clams are claimed to have been invented in Essex by a man named Chubby Woodman in the 20th century. Tourist and locals frequent Woodman’s Seafood Restaurant. If you’re a seafood fan, Essex is one of the best!

Tourists are mainly drawn to Essex for its antiques and restaurants, but in recent years leisure activities such as excursions down the Essex River in boats or self-guided kayak trips have become increasingly popular. Unique tours and museums in Essex contain almost four hundred years of history. They include ancient photos, relics, and even a tour through the Essex River on a boat. With each passing season, Essex’s colors and scenery will flourish in different ways. The town of Essex is part of the highly rated Manchester-Essex Regional School system. If you love antiques, you will love living in Essex.

Essex MA Homes For Sale

There are only 3,500 residents in Essex MA. If you’re looking for a property with a character in a small community you should definitely consider Essex MA homes for sale. Here are just a few of the currently available Essex MA homes for sale.

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