Once affordable only by wealthy and famous, Swampscott MA homes for sale feature wonderful amenities at reasonable prices. Swampscott has a population of about 14,000 people and it is a town full of character and gorgeous beaches. Swampscott was settled in 1629 and incorporated as a town in 1852. It got its name because “Swampscott” means “red rock” in the native American tribe’s language.

Swampscott MA Homes For SaleSwampscott has five popular beaches called Eisman’s, Phillips, Whales, a portion of King’s Beach, and Fishermans. Swampscott is mainly suburban and it also has some small ponds like Foster Pond and Palmer Pond.

Other fascinating places in town include John Humphrey’s House, the Mary Baker Eddy Historic House, and the Elihu Thomson House.

There are a lot of well known individuals from Swampscott. A few of these people are Bill Adams, who is a retired NFL football player for the Buffalo Bills, Jamie Denbo, who is a comedian and actress, Mary-Louise Hooper, who was a civil rights activist, and Michael Palmer, who is the author of The First Patient.

If you love beaches and visiting historic places, Swampscott is the perfect town for you!

Swampscott MA Homes For Sale

Some of the most desirable neighborhoods offering Swampscott MA homes for sale are Beach Bluff and Clifton. Swampscott MA real estate market is also a great place to find some stunning, luxurious historic homes and estates. These properties are situated along Phillips Beach, Fishermans Beach, Eismans Beach and Kings Beach.

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