For most of its existence, Manchester-by-the-Sea was simply known as Manchester. For over 200 years the town had flourished off of its fishing industry. Eventually, building more Manchester-by-the-Sea MA homes for sale came to focus as more buyers were looking for summer houses along the coastline.

Manchester-by-the-Sea MA Homes For Sale
Coolidge Reservation, Manchester-by-the-Sea

Manchester-by-the-Sea was first settled in 1629 and named an official town in 1645. The town used to be called Jeffrey’s Creek and was officially changed to Manchester by Edward Corely in 1989. There were enough other Manchester’s in New England to make it a bit confusing. Eventually locals began following the lead of railroad conductors and referring to their town as “Manchester-by-the-Sea”. The name of the town was officially changed in 1989 following a close town meeting vote that year and an act of the state legislature passed on September 25, 1989.

A very popular location in Manchester-by-the-Sea is Singing Beach, just one mile from the town center. Singing Beach got its name from the beach squeaking when someone walks on it. It is very popular during the summer and a famous location on this beach is what is called the “Eaglehead.” The “Eaglehead” is a rock that is in the center of a famous tourist attraction where there is rock climbing and other fun recreational activities.

Manchester-Essex Regional School serves the towns of Essex, and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Manchester-by-the-Sea MA Homes For Sale

Among Manchester-by-the-Sea MA homes for sale there are some of the best hilltop properties in the area overlooking the ocean and forests.

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