If you want an urban feel in a North Shore community consider Salem MA homes for sale. Salem’s population is around 41,000 people and it was incorporated in 1629 while becoming its own separate and official city in 1836. There is a very active downtown community with lots of restaurants, pubs, and fun night activity.


Salem has been known as an extremely important seaport in Puritan American history. The town got its name because “Salem” is Hellenized, meaning “peace” in Hebrew. During the American Revolution, Salem was the center of privateering. Also, men from Salem volunteered to go exploring to find other trading partners and routes after the American Revolution. In 1790, Salem was the sixth largest city in the United States.

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 are a crucial part of Salem history, though much of what happened actually occurred in Danvers. In a playful way, Witches are the mascot for Salem High School. Police vehicles have witch themed stickers and designs, and there is a variety of witch museums within the area. Salem has been declared as the birthplace of the United States’ National Guard.


Salem contains many famous and popular tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include the House of Seven Gables, the Salem Willows Park, and the Forrest River Park. The Salem Ferry is not only a big attraction, it is a fast way to get from Salem to Boston while enjoying the water and coastal view.

Salem MA Homes For Sale
The Custom House, Salem MA

Salem holds the world record for the price of federal furniture set by Samuel McIntire. Many films have been set in Salem. These include Bewitched, Bride Wars, American Hustle, Hocus Pocus, and The Lords of Salem.

Salem also has a number of interesting programs like the Salem Bike Program and the Electric Car Charge Program.

Salem also has the second largest community hospital system in Massachusetts which offers advanced cardiac surgery and emergency and trauma departments.

The schooling system in the area is excellent. The city is home to Salem State University.

Salem MA Homes For Sale

Salem is an exciting community with New England charm. Among Salem MA homes for sale there are many older properties which have been restored and updated with modern amenities.

Below we present you with just a few of the currently available Salem MA homes for sale.

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