Marblehead is a beautiful coastal town with so much to offer, just 9 nautical miles north of Boston Harbor. Its population is around 20,000 and Marblehead thrives off of fishing and yachting. Marblehead Harbor is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world and an attractive destination as well as a stopping off point for those going to or from Maine. It’s no surprise that¬†Marblehead MA real estate for sale attracts many prospective home buyers.


Marblehead was settled in 1629 by Joseph Doliber and was named an official town in 1649. It used to be called Massebequash because of the river between Salem and itself where the Indian Naumkeag tribe lived. Their preserved remains can be found in the Town Hall. Marblehead got its name because the settlers mistakenly thought the granite in the town was marble.

Marblehead also claims to be the birthplace of the Marine Corps Aviation as well as the American Navy, the later of which is disputed by the town of Beverly.

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Marblehead has a beautiful coast and has a bird sanctuary in Marblehead Neck. There are also many small islands and four beautiful beaches to visit. One of these beaches is in Doliber Cove and they also include yacht clubs and boat ramps. There are many interesting places to visit in Marblehead like the Marblehead Light and the Herreshoff Castle. Devereux Beach is another very popular area and many people witness the Fourth of July Fireworks here.

There have been many famous movies filmed in Marblehead. Some of these movies include Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, Hocus Pocus, Home Before Dark, Coma, and Autumn Heart. Marblehead is a well-known and beautiful town with many fun adventures to offer!

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