If you are looking for a pleasant, inexpensive place to live, or to own investment property, you should consider Peabody MA homes for sale. The population of Peabody is about 51,000 people and it was settled in 1626, incorporated in 1855, and officially proclaimed its own city in 1916.

Peabody used to be known as the Northfields, Brooksby, and “the Farms” and it was big in the farming industry. It also was the first city to make the law that all doors have to push out instead of in after a tragic fire in 1915 killed 21 young females.


Peabody MA Homes For Sale PageThe Salem Country Club, located on Forest Street in Peabody, has a professional golf course that has hosted the U.S. Women’s Open and U.S. Senior Open.

Peabody also has many eminent people who were born here. Some of these individuals include Samantha Arsenault, an Olympic champion swimmer, Matt Bloom, a professional wrestler, Chick Davies, a Major League Baseball player, Jerry DeLucca who used to be a professional football player for the New England Patriots, and Nancy Werlin, a novelist. Peabody has a long history and many people and places of interest.

The North Shore Mall in Peabody is a large and very appealing shopping center in the North Shore area. Because of the many industrial parks in Peabody, the tax burden on home owners is the lowest in the North Shore area.

Peabody also has public schools as well as parochial, preparatory, and private schools.

Peabody MA Homes For Sale

If you’re searching for Peabody MA homes for sale some of the most popular neighborhoods are West Peabody, Gardner Park and South Peabody.

Below are just some of the Peabody MA properties available for sale right now…

Anyone searching for a home in Peabody will be pleased with the variety and styles of homes that are available. You’ll find everything from small Bungalow styled homes to large vintage homes with lots of floor space.

Each neighborhood within this area is convenient to shopping, medical facilities, entertainment, great schools and public park areas. Access to major roads are within minutes of most neighborhoods, making commuting quite simple.

Residents love to call this area home, and homes for sale in Peabody, MA are in high demand. If you are looking for an affordable, friendly and convenient area to call home, Peabody is the right place.

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