Boston North Shore Home Selling Issues

If you’re selling your home or contemplating doing so, there are some Boston North Shore home selling issues to consider. While to ultimate goal of any real estate transaction is for complete satisfaction for every party involved – from the buyer to the agent to the seller to the lender – sometimes it just doesn’t work […]

Boston North Shore Home Buying Strategies: Our Best Advice

Boston North Shore home buying strategies can be vital as you enter the market this spring in search of a new home. While a home search is always an exciting and challenging one, in what is currently a sellers’ market, it can be especially daunting. Chances are pretty good that a seller will have his […]

Boston North Shore Real Estate News Trends

Boston North Shore real estate news trends seem to indicate an increasing number of Americans in search of the proverbial American Dream of home ownership may not be able to experience it. In a nutshell, they either can’t afford the prices of new homes or are unable to save money for a down payment. Recent statistical […]

Boston North Shore Mortgage Forecast: Easy Money?

The Boston North Shore mortgage forecast – at least for the near future – is that home loans will continue to be easier to obtain than anytime in the last ten years. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) recently published a report showing data that seems to suggest mortgage lenders have relaxed many of their lending […]

Boston North Shore Economic Update: The Cost of Housing

As spring rapidly approaches, the Boston North Shore economic update is for housing to cost more for many new prospective home buyers. Higher mortgage rates, rising home prices and slow-to-moderate job and income growth threaten to combine for a less than stellar spring home buying season. The end of 2016 saw home affordability reach its […]