Boston North Shore Real Estate News Outlook: Housing to Cost More?

Making the Boston North Shore real estate news outlook is the recent policy from the Trump administration that it had reversed one of the eleventh hour decisions made by the outgoing Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The reversal involved the reinstatement of a cut in the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) annual insurance premium. […]

Boston North Shore Real Estate Outlook: More Equity, Murky Future?

The Boston North Shore real estate outlook these days is a combination of good and bad. The good is that home prices have been rising nationwide for 53 consecutive months – nearly 4 1/2 years! The increases have floated millions of borrowers previously underwater on their mortgages to the safe surface where they can finally catch […]

Boston North Shore Millennial Homebuyers on the Move

After several years on the sidelines, a new report shows Boston North Shore millennial homebuyers are finally starting to enter the market. The recently published survey included more than 13,000 homeowners, renters, buyers and sellers and is part of the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report. The survey shows millennials are participating in the market […]