Escaping the city life is a dream for single consumers and families alike. While Boston can be an exciting place to live with many career opportunities, professionals often look outside the city for quiet, more affordable housing options. Beverly Massachusetts homes for sale provides the perfect opportunity to lay down roots with family.

Beverly: A Great Place for Families

Beverly is a wonderful place for families to settle down. The downtown area is vibrant and features a variety of shops and restaurants, and children can always take advantage of activities offered by local businesses and the city itself.

Many people find Beverly Massachusetts homes for sale more family friendly than other areas around Boston

During the summer months, children of all ages can participate in summer camp activities that include field trips to a variety of beaches, competitive sports, and more. Kayaking and paddle boat classes are also available to both children and adults.

While much of the rest of Massachusetts has grown considerably, Beverly has been able to keep its quiet, small town charm. A variety of ethnic and local restaurants line the streets, with many visual improvements planned for the area over the next five years.

Properties in Beverly

Beverly Massachusetts homes for sale are more affordable than surrounding areas. Professionals and families often commute from Beverly into downtown Boston for work. Local property taxes in Beverly also make it a more attractive living option.

Homes here continue to stay well below the Boston median price. The city also boasts of a variety of home styles, including classic colonial, modern designs and standard condominiums.

Popular Neighborhoods in Beverly, MA

If you enjoy living in a small downtown environment, you should be looking for homes along Cabot Street. From here, you’ll be able to walk to local amenities, including grocery stores, restaurants, boutique shops and more.

Another popular area in Beverly is right across the Bass River. This is an ideal location for individuals who commute into Boston for work and need to take the train.

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