Boston North Shore credit repair is very important these days. Good credit can ensure you get a preferred interest rate when you borrow and it’s important to landlords when you rent. Insurance companies and prospective employers are using credit scores more and more. Because it’s such a hot topic, if you have credit blemishes or bad credit, getting that fixed is receiving more attention than ever before.

Tips for Boston North Shore Credit Repair

Taking the necessary steps to improve or repair your credit can be something you undertake yourself. Still, others use the services of credit repair professionals. If you choose to work with a Boston North Shore credit repair agency there are things you should know.

Some so-called “professionals” aren’t totally legitimate. They will try to talk you into starting a new credit file by getting a new tax ID number, the equivalent of a Social Security number for businesses. Don’t do it. It’s downright illegal.

In addition, don’t dispute all the bad marks on your credit history. When you do that, the credit bureaus are obligated to remove them from your report while they’re being investigated. With those items temporarily off your report, some people will apply for new credit accounts. Don’t do that, either. It’s fraudulent and can lead to additional problems including legal consequences.

Another often used trick of the unscrupulous credit repair trade is to charge upfront to repair your credit. Don’t fall for that. It’s against the law. The law says the services have to be performed prior to being paid for them.

One last Boston North Shore credit repair tip: if an agency says only they can do things that you can’t, don’t buy it. If you’re being promised a quick fix or dramatic results, you’re being misled.

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