Average unemployment in the Boston North Shore economy mirrors that of the U.S., remaining steady at 5%. That’s a 7-year low. As the economy has grown, more people looked for employment. Job additions exceeded expectations according to recently-released November statistics.

Job Growth in the Boston North Shore Economy

Job gains were solid nationwide, with employers adding 211,000 jobs during November. The construction industry was among the biggest gainers, along with private sector services. While there was weaker growth in temporary employment — even among retailers who employ part-timers for the holidays — analysts say this is a good sign of economic recovery.

The Federal Reserve has maintained interest rates at record lows to aid the economy. Most economists believe the Fed will raise interest rates, perhaps for the second time, during the first half of 2016.

A recent survey of business executives show lowered expectations for profit and growth. This is largely due to increased domestic competition and sluggish growth in the manufacturing sector. Others, however, say a boost in retail spending over the holidays may spur a better outlook for business.

One thing seems certain. If the economy can hold on, the growing trend of Baby Boomers retiring will create future job openings. It is expected there will be more than 50 million job openings in the next ten years. Roughly 30 million of the jobs will be to replace retiring Baby Boomers.

While short-term growth sounds good, analysts are quick to issue a word of caution. They say with the nation’s place in an ever-important global economy there are factors that may hurt growth and prosperity. Continued instability in China’s economy and the increased threats of terrorism throughout the world may impact possible improvement in the U.S. economy.

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