When you’re looking at homes for sale, you try to find a property that has all the amenities, features, and square footage that you want. While these factors are important, it’s also essential to know everything about the house before making an offer on it. With help from your Boston North Shore exclusive buyer’s agent, you can get answers to these questions about the property.

Questions for Your Boston North Shore Exclusive Buyer’s Agent About Homes for Sale

A Boston North Shore exclusive buyer's agent will help you find your perfect home

What is the property’s worth?

Your Boston North Shore exclusive buyer’s agent will be responsible for providing you with information about comparable sales or “comps”. This will allow you to find out what the house is worth currently in the market. Even if the owner has set a price for the property, it’s helpful to have plenty of comparables, such as the prices of similar homes in the area that have recently been sold. You’ll have an idea of how low or how high of an offer you can give.

Does the house have problems?

There are some properties that, at first sight, will make you say, “Ah, this is the perfect house.” Despite looking perfect, the property might have structural or electrical problems that are not only costly to repair, but also dangerous. Your Boston North Shore exclusive buyer’s agent should be able to find out whether or not repairs were also made to correct these problems, and will be able to determine if this will affect the price of the property.

Is the house in a floodplain?

If you’re set on the property even if it’s in a floodplain, then you should be prepared with flood insurance. In most cases, you can assume the seller’s flood policy, but in case you can’t or don’t want to, you need to do some research about the property. Is it in a high risk or low risk area? This information will factor in the acquisition of flood insurance, as well as affect the cost of living in the house.

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Do the owners have the paperwork for installed mechanical systems?

Some sellers update or upgrade appliances before selling their homes. If the seller of the house has done the same thing, it would be great to have all the receipts and documentation for these appliances. In case a newly installed AC breaks down while still under warranty, you won’t have to shell out cash to have it fixed.

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