Boston North Shore home improvement projects can be inexpensive, fun and timely — especially now as the holiday season approaches. You can give your home a minor makeover just in time for the first waves of guests or family you may plan to entertain. Let’s look at a few simple “spruce-ups” that will make the holidays even more festive.

Easy Boston North Shore Home Improvement Ideas

An easy Boston North Shore home improvement could be to paint, re-finish, or replace your front door.

The best welcome starts at your front door. You can make a tired and worn out front entry door look warm and inviting. Replacing or repainting it can really change your home’s appearance. Adding a festive wreath with a colorful bow is a nice touch. Pay attention to your landscaping. Often it’s the first thing a visitor sees from the road. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by trimming hedges, pruning trees, raking leaves and edging around flower beds.

Cosmetics for your powder room. One of the least expensive Boston North Shore home improvement jobs you can perform is giving your bathroom a little facelift. Replace old cabinet or vanity hardware. Add a new mirror, lighting or upgrade your faucet. Even adding new towels and accessories will give a tired bathroom new life. For a little more money you can replace your toilet with a new, more efficient water-saving model.

Paint the town… or, at least, a room or accent wall. Nothing makes a dull, dingy-looking wall look better than a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes just painting one or two accent walls in a room is all that’s needed. Use an off-white, neutral color. An interior latex eggshell or flat paint will mask minor irregularities or blemishes better than glossy paint. Best of all, this is one Boston North Shore home improvement task you and your spouse can complete in a few hours over a weekend.

Cut through the clutter and clean up the mess. We all have “those places” in our homes that just seem to be magnets for clutter. Whether it’s a drawer, a table or a home office desk, it doesn’t take long for clutter to accumulate. Go through each piece and make a decision to either keep and file, or throw it away. With a little focus and determination, the clutter will disappear before your eyes in no time. Don’t forget to vacuum up the dust bunnies. Once you’ve eliminated the trouble spots, take time to deep clean your carpets or area rugs.

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Clean light fixtures, replace old bulbs and brighten up your day. Light fixtures and lamps are notorious for collecting dust. Give your fixtures a good cleaning with a little soap and water. And while you’re at it, replace old lightbulbs with newer energy-saving bulbs. Your home will look brighter and more inviting to guests. And after all, isn’t that one of the reasons you began your holiday Boston North Shore home improvement plan in the first place?

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