Most Boston North Shore home insurance policies cover your home, its contents and personal liability. Specific types of coverage will vary and there are usually exclusions to your policy. Here are a few normal parts to all home insurance policies.

Parts of a Boston North Shore Home Insurance Policy

Property coverage. The home and any attached structures are usually covered in your policy against most types of damage (see the exclusions listed.) Structures like unattached storage sheds may also be covered up to a percentage of your total insurance policy.

Boston North Shore home insurance policies cover your home, possessions and personal liability.

Exclusions to your insurance coverage are listed in your policy. Typical exclusions are:

  • Earthquake damage
  • Flood damage
  • Standard or normal wear and tear
  • Nuclear hazards
  • Neglect or intentional loss

Personal property. Personal items including furniture, furnishings, electronics and other items are covered in your policy – usually up to a preset percentage of the total policy. The percentage ranges from 40-60%. Some belongings not on the insured premises may also be covered up to a certain percentage. Items located in a vacation home or secondary residence may be excluded – typically because they should be insured by a policy on that property.

There are also exclusions for personal property, however they are normally protected against loss from:

  • Fire, lightning, wind, or hail
  • Vehicles or aircraft
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Accumulated weight from snow, sleet, or ice
  • Water or steam
  • Artificial electrical surges
  • Freezing of plumbing or appliances
  • Riots or acts of civil disobedience

Personal possessions such as jewelry, artwork or other valuables may not be fully covered by your Boston North Shore home insurance policy. You will need to add additional coverage with riders or umbrella policies to fully insure them.

Personal liability. Your policy provides coverage for bodily injury to others as a result of an accident on the premises. It also covers damage to their property for which you may be held liable. Further, coverage includes actions by family members both on and off your property. Typical coverage may also include medical payments to injured parties regardless of who was liable.

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Loss of use. If you incurred damage to your home severe enough to prevent its usage, the expenses for loss of use are covered. Examples are the costs of hotel rooms, meals and required travel. The limits of coverage is usually a percentage of your policy, typically about 30%.

Expenses and other coverage. If you have expenses requested by your insurance company as a result of a lawsuit, they are covered. You may also be insured for other occurrences such as damage to landscaping, loss of rental income or other specific coverages.

If you’re unsure of what’s covered in your Boston North Shore home insurance policy, review your policy carefully or call your agent.

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