Many buyers looking for Boston North Shore homes for sale consider getting a home warranty. This is because of the potential problems, and repair and maintenance costs of appliances that may break down. Warranties often are part of sale transactions as they provide peace of mind and protection after the purchase of a property.

You may be considering getting a home warranty, but before you make that choice, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Benefits and Disadvantages of a Home Warranty

Consider a home warranty pros and consPros

One of the components of a home warranty is a lower, flat-rate fee for services, reducing costs and increasing savings. Basic contracts may include repair or replacement of several household systems and appliances, which may include plumbing, electrical systems, kitchen and others. This coverage allows you to save more and spend more on things you want to do or invest in.

Some home warranty providers provide you with a variety of programs to choose from. If you are willing to pay more for better and comprehensive coverage with additional fees, a provider may include replacement or repair of items like spas, pools, air conditioning and heating systems, and insulation just to name a few. You may also upgrade to include pre-existing problems that existed before the home warranty even went into effect.


Some home warranties exclude mixed-used, residential or commercial real estate. Providers may not offer a warranty for mobile homes or any other types of property not attached to land. It is unlikely that a policy may include property not owned by the buyer such as timeshares, dorm rooms and others. The provider decides to either repair or replace the appliances and systems included in the coverage. If you have the skill to do DIY repairs, a home warranty may be costlier. Some providers might require you to maintain appliances and systems regularly, they might deny coverage if you are not diligent and compliant to their request.

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Carefully weigh the pros and cons of a home warranty before making a decision. These advantages and disadvantages enable you to make an informed choice after choosing from the many Boston North Shore homes for sale.

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