When many interested buyers are searching for Boston North Shore real estate, they find that a cottage is often a great choice. Cottages are a popular option for people who want a property near the beach to use for vacations. These types of houses can also be good choices as starter homes or for homeowners who want to downsize.

Considering a Cottage When Looking for Boston North Shore Real Estate

When looking at Boston North Shore real estate, many people find that cottages make a great choice.

Several Styles to Choose From

One of the nicest things that attracts many people to Boston North Shore real estate in many of the coastal areas is the abundance of home styles. Many of the cottages feature the Cape Cod style that is so popular throughout the region. In addition to classic Capes, there are also cottages built in bungalow styles that are quite in-demand as well.

What to Expect

The majority of cottage-style homes are within walking distance to the area’s popular beaches. Moreover, these homes are also often times close to town. If you enjoy getting out and enjoying yourself around town, you are likely to be very pleased with what is available within walking- or bike-riding distance.

Renovations Are Possible

Depending on the location and overall condition of the structure, you may be able to do some renovations to enlarge your new home or increase its functionality. Some cottages feature sunrooms or other additional rooms that make ideal second or third bedrooms. You can also do a lot in the way of upgrades with the yard and garden areas of most of these homes.

Keeping an Open Mind

You may also benefit from keeping an open mind about the size of the home you select. Although you may be keen on investing in a cottage, many smaller two-bedroom homes can also fit the bill. Always remember that your ideal home could surface where you least expect it when looking around at Boston North Shore real estate.

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