There is a lot of Boston North Shore real estate available, especially for those who need a property where expansion will come easily. Knowing what types of houses in the area are popular will matter a great deal during your search. Additionally, knowing the role of an exclusive buyer’s agent will help make your search easier.

Choosing Boston North Shore Real Estate for Future Expansion

Homes In Need of Renovation Are Helpful

There is a lot of Boston North Shore real estate available. Here is how to choose a home for future expansion as your needs change.

Many buyers will find their ideal home by looking at properties in need of major renovation. These homes are often less well-known on the market, which is one of the areas where an exclusive buyer’s agent is most helpful. Because some of these houses are available at lower prices than those not needing work, there is a lot more you could do with such a property, especially if you’re lucky enough to find one with a large lot.

Houses with Garages and Sunrooms

Many houses in the Boston North Shore real estate market feature attached garages or sunrooms. One of the most helpful things about these features is the fact that these spaces are easy to convert. The possibilities are virtually endless, ranging from bedroom suites to recreational rooms.

Great Possibilities for Multi-Family Houses

Many of the inland areas of the North Shore feature double or triple-decker houses, as well as duplexes. Although commonly purchased for investment purposes, many buyers end up converting the home into a single-family house. This type of renovation is quite common in the case of multi-family homes that were originally single-family.

Potential Investment Options

Another expansion option that many buyers like to take advantage of is converting a floor of their home or the area over a garage or carriage house to an apartment. This option is very popular in towns with colleges that may have students looking for economical housing. You will want to be very flexible in considering the many great expansion options that come with purchasing Boston North Shore real estate.

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When you are shopping for a new home in any of Boston’s North Shore neighborhoods, you deserve to work with an exclusive buyer’s agent who will always cater to your needs Boston North Shore Real Estate.

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