Curb appeal is such a popular topic in real estate today that you’ll see dozens of TV shows on it at any given time of the day on any day of the week. The term refers to the way your house looks from the street or curb and especially the way it looks to potential buyers. Curb appeal is important when there are multiple Boston North Shore homes for sale in the same neighborhood because it makes your home look more appealing to those who might need to look at several homes on the same block or street. Having strong curb appeal that makes your house stand out from the rest surely gives you an edge for potential buyers to want to see the rest of the house.

Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Planting new flowers that complement or match the trim on your home adds curb appeal that might make buyers want to move in as soon as possible.

Make Your Lawn More Appealing

The first place to start before listing your home for sale is the lawn. Planting new flowers in bright colors that complement or match the trim on your home might make buyers want to move in as soon as possible. You’ll also want to take care of those dead spots you see underneath trees. Larger trees block the amount of water and sunlight that filters through, which can lead to gray or brown spots forming on your lawn. Adding shrubs that form a dividing line between your home and a neighboring home can also help.

Turn to the Porch or Patio

Curb appeal also includes the patio or porch on the front of your home. Now is the time to choose a new front door or at least a new coat of paint for that door. You might want to swap out the lock and the hardware on the door too. Take the time to repair any damage to the stairs, railings or floorboards too and replace your old mailbox. You can even arrange some furniture on the patio to show buyers the lifestyle they can lead while living there.

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Making just a few changes to your home can improve your curb appeal. Making your home more appealing on both the inside and out can lead to better offers as well.

Although Boston North Shore real estate never works for any sellers of real estate, we offer you these tips as a potential seller of a Boston North Shore home to help you. We can also refer you to one of the top listing agents along the North Shore, should you be considering selling your home and not already have an agent. We are experienced in the market and know which agents would serve you best.

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