One of the most common questions renters ask is whether they should continue to rent a home or if now is the right time to think about buying a home versus renting? Many have heard that real estate in the Beverly area is priced right to purchase, and many have also heard that interest rates on home loans are expected to increase in the coming years.

With this in mind, market conditions appear to be right to make a purchase. However, there are some personal factors to consider before you make a final decision as to how to proceed.

Buying a Home Versus Renting – Things to Consider

Renters ask whether they should continue to rent a home or if now is the right time to think about buying a home versus renting.

For example, it is important to think about your mid-term and long-term plans. It is often difficult for some people to commit to a 12-month lease, but a home purchase is generally a more significant commitment. This is because you can sell the home at any time, but there is no guarantee the home will sell for the right price at a time when you need it to sell.

Therefore, you should consider a home as a long-term living solution where you plan to live for at least several years. Then, consider if you can personally afford to purchase the right home for your needs. This means you should project your need for space and accommodations for the next few years, and you should research the cost of property for this type of house. Then, get pre-qualified for a mortgage to determine if you can afford the mortgage payment on the housing you think you need.

There is not a “catch-all solution” that is right for everyone when it comes to buying a home versus renting. Even when market conditions are right to make a purchase, the individual may not be ready to do so. Therefore, take time to analyze your needs and abilities before you make a final decision about whether buying a home versus renting is right for you.

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