With nine out of 10 home buyers now using the Internet at some point during their search, it’s no wonder that “Web Appeal” has been called the new curb appeal for helping you sell your Boston North Shore house. That puts a premium on the photos that you use in your online property listing.

3 Ways to Get the Best Shots to Sell Your Boston North Shore House:

When taking photos to sell your Boston North Shore house, do not use your smart phone camera.

Use the Right Camera – You might think your smart phone takes great pictures, but online home buyers aren’t likely to agree. An advanced camera is best for real estate photography because its larger sensor takes clear pictures even in low-light home interiors. That can pay big dividends. In a December 2013 study by online real estate brokerage Redfin, homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million that were shot with DSLR cameras sold for $3,400 to $11,200 more than those photographed with basic point-and-shoot cameras.

Tell the Whole Story – Buyers pay more attention to photos than the actual property description in the listing, so it’s important to provide every visual detail. Include photos of each room, as well as the exterior and yard. And take close-ups of interesting features, such as a stone fireplace or high-end appliance. Natural light is always best, so you may need several days to capture every shot when getting the best photos to help sell your Boston North Shore house.

Time it Right – It’s best to debut a listing on Thursday or Friday, ahead of the weekend open houses. Make sure you have all of the pieces in place before going live because listings get 4.5 times more traffic in the first week than they do a month later. Some sellers (and agents, too) make the mistake of debuting a listing without the photos, thinking they’ll upload them later. By that time, many would-be buyers will have moved on.

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