Buying a home is certainly a big decision. In fact, it is often one of the biggest purchases an individual will make. Ensuring that Boston North Shore real estate buyers are getting the best deal on their investment means you need to be an educated buyer.

Many people use a real estate agent to help them find the best property that meets their needs; however, it’s important to understand there can be a big difference in the type of experience an agent brings to the real estate transaction. For example, some agents work mainly with sellers, while others work primarily with buyers. Of course, many agents work with both buyers and sellers. However, if you want an agent who is able to provide the best guidance in the purchase of your next home, an exclusive buyer’s agent is the best solution, which is what we do at Boston North Shore Real Estate.

It is advisable for all Boston North Shore Real Estate buyers to hire their own exclusive buyer's agent.

Be Ready to Move Quickly

Another important factor to keep in mind includes making sure you’re ready to take fast action. When a property comes on the market, buyers need to be ready to move fast. This requires an experienced agent who is able to keep you up to date with the latest properties, but it also means the buyer should be prepared to make an aggressive purchase offer.

An essential part of being able to take fast action on a property that interests you is making sure you’ve been preapproved by a lender. Preapproval will help set your purchase offer apart from other others. It shows the home seller that you’re not only serious, but you are also qualified and ready to complete the transaction. This can be an important factor during negotiations. Most home sellers prefer to work with Boston North Shore real estate buyers who is already pre-qualified by their lender.

Making an aggressive offer can be the best way to get the property of your dreams. An experienced exclusive buyer’s agent can provide accurate market comparables so that you can make an informed decision regarding your real estate purchase.

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