When looking at Boston North Shore homes for sale, here are a few of the best kept secrets you need to know about.

After all, buying a house isn’t the same as buying an expensive pair of shoes. They both cost a considerable amount, but they’re very different types of investment. You’re probably going to wear the shoes only on special occasions like a wedding or an important business meeting. This means that on normal days, that pair of shoes will stay in your closet, unused. Your house, on the other hand, is a place you’ll be living in day in and day out. It’s the biggest purchase of your life, so it’s only important for you to choose the best one among the many homes for sale.

Secrets You Need to Know When Looking at Boston North Shore Homes for Sale

When looking at Boston North Shore homes for sale, get pre-approved for a mortgage before you even start to look.Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved means the lender has already advised you how big of a loan they can give you. Knowing your loan amount will help narrow down choices for properties and give you direction about which properties you can even make an offer on.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

You might be drawn to the biggest house in the neighborhood, but when looking at Boston North Shore homes for sale, your exclusive buyer’s agent will likely advise you not to make an offer on it. If you’re reselling the house in a few years, keep in mind that a big house only appeals to a small audience, and that its value will appreciate only as much as the other smaller houses around you.

Buying Based on Emotions

If you’re buying the house because you absolutely love the paint color in the master bedroom, then you’re buying based on emotions. It’s best to stay calm and be wise when it comes to financial decisions. Buy the house you think is a great purchase for a good value, not one you fall in love with.

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Hire a Home Inspector

Sometimes, the seller doesn’t disclose problems with the property. Sure they can be negligible, but small issues can become big problems in the long run. Hire a home inspector so you know what the condition of the house is before you buy it.

Check the Neighborhood

It’s not enough that the property you’ve decided to buy is conveniently located near shopping centers or schools. Before making an offer on the house, try to drop by the neighborhood during the day and at night. You’ll see that the face of the neighborhood can change drastically. You can then decide if it’s really the place you want to live in. Don’t find out things the first night or two after you’ve already moved in.It’s a bit too late then.

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