The North Shore area of Massachusetts has several hidden treasures in the form of great housing. Boston North Shore quality homes for sale here emphasize the great importance of location. Many of the homes in this area have either been restored or are ideal for full restoration projects.

How Many Older Homes are in the Area?

There are many Boston North Shore quality homes for sale

With Essex County and surrounding areas having originally been settled in the 17th century, there are many older homes to this day. Although homes that date all the way back to this time are somewhat rare, you’ll still have a great chance of finding houses that are good options for a renovation. Homes that span the most important historical periods are usually available at any given time.

Some Treats to Expect from Older Homes

One of the best features of older homes is the fact that many of them are spacious and perfect for expansion or remodeling. An example of one popular housing type is the Victorian, with many towns like Salem having 1860’s-era houses. Because many of these types of homes are usually well-kept, it is easier to focus your attention on the restoration, rather than having to make bothersome repairs right away.

Location Always Matters

Although many people like to think of historic homes as being remote, some of the best historic houses available are very accessible from town. People often relocate to places like the Boston North Shore to escape many of the hassles of city life. Being within easy walking or biking distance of town is attractive for many who seek this simpler lifestyle.

Keeping Everything Accurate

One of the biggest challenges in restoring an older home is retaining its historical integrity while modifying it for your use. When you know where to look for some of the best options and have an experienced guide to help you navigate through the process, like an exclusive buyer agent, you’ll find everything easier.

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