While looking at new homes for sale, you will receive many offers to buy insurance. Are multiple forms of insurance really necessary for buying Boston North Shore homes? You actually don’t need to buy a lot of insurance. There are, however, a few important types of insurance you do need, such as:

Homeowners Insurance

Are multiple forms of insurance really necessary for buying Boston North Shore homes?

This is one of the most common types of insurance you hear about when buying Boston North Shore homes and also a necessary insurance to have. Homeowners insurance is typically required for a mortgage. In addition, homeowners insurance protects you from the expenses caused by natural disasters. Before buying this type of insurance, check exactly what kinds of damage it covers. If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding but the homeowners insurance company doesn’t cover flood damage, then you would need to get supplemental flood insurance as well or find a company that includes flood damage in their insurance policy.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is usually mandatory when you get a mortgage, but that’s not the most important reason why you need title insurance. Without title insurance, someone can claim that they own your home and sue you for the property. Title insurance also protects you from having to pay liens owed by someone else.

Extra Moving Insurance

Most standard moving insurance cover 60 cents per pound of an item, which means you don’t receive the full cost of the item if it breaks while moving. Extra moving insurance is essential if you’re moving valuable items that you either can’t afford to replace or don’t want to replace.

These are the three most crucial types of insurance to have when buying Boston North Shore homes. Many of the other types of insurance offers that come your way can be safely declined, but it’s recommended you consult with an exclusive buyer’s agent first to know whether or not it’s important for you. The role of an exclusive buyer’s agent is to help you get the best deal on buying a home.

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