When you are shopping for a new home in any of Boston’s North Shore neighborhoods, you deserve to work with a buyer’s agent who will always cater to your needs. Because there are so many homes for sale, your buyer’s broker will be the one to point you in the right direction for homes that make the most sense for your situation. Consider asking the following four questions to any buyer’s agent you are considering as your partner when searching for Boston North Shore real estate.

Questions to Ask Your Buyer’s Agent

There are questions to ask any buyer's agent you are considering as your partner when searching for Boston North Shore real estate.

What’s Your Experience?

Asking about the level of experience of your buyer’s agent is of utmost importance. An experienced buyer broker knows what to expect and is easily able to handle any situation that might arise. An experienced buyer’s broker also has many connections throughout the real estate field and may be able to get you up-to-date information about homes that are about to come onto the market that other agents might not have access to.

What’s Your Fee?

Most buyer’s agents are paid out of the commission that comes from the selling price of the house. Asking the agent what fee he or she charges and how the fee is collected helps you to know the agent has your best interests in mind.

Are You Strictly a Buyer’s Agent? (i.e., an EXCLUSIVE Buyer’s Agent?)

For ethical reasons, your buyer’s agent should not also be working with the seller of any property you wish to buy. Some buyer’s brokers who are not Exclusive buyer’s brokers may be a listing agent on other houses that are for sale. Exclusive buyer’s brokers never work for sellers.

What Makes You Different?

Ask the agent what sets him or her apart from the others. Perhaps the agent grew up in Boston’s North Shore area and knows your future home’s history. Knowing what sets your agent apart can help you to decide with whom to work when buying.

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