There comes a time in most every homeowner’s life when they’re ready to sell their home. Make no mistake, it can be a challenging undertaking for some. Often there are financial, emotional and even social consequences to consider. As a result, many homeowners struggle with fears once they contemplate entering the Boston North Shore home selling market.

Many are fearful as they contemplate entering the Boston North Shore home selling market.

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Facing Boston North Shore Home Selling Fears

Here are five popular fears expressed by homeowners — and tips on how to overcome them.

My Home Isn’t Selling
Probably the greatest Boston North Shore home selling fear is that a home would remain unsold for an extended period of time. It can be especially stressful if the sellers have contracted to buy another home contingent on the sale of their current one. However, know this: most homes, if priced correctly and in good condition, will eventually sell in normal market conditions. Overcome this fear by contacting a real estate professional as far in advance as possible. Work with the agent to develop a marketing plan for your home. Depending on the market or neighborhood, it could take several months to sell your home.

My Home Requires Work Before it Will Sell
Some homeowners entering the Boston North Shore home selling arena for the first time are fearful of their home’s condition or appearance. They are also afraid it will cost too much to make necessary repairs or maintenance. Often they fail to realize the interest level of prospective buyers will be highest if the home is in good condition and enjoys optimum curb appeal. More importantly, the better the home’s condition the higher the potential offer. To overcome this Boston North Shore home selling fear of spending too much money to put your home on the market, consider this: rely on your real estate agent for advice on which improvements (fresh paint, landscape additions, etc.) may provide you with the “best bang for your buck.”

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I Won’t Sell my Home by a Certain Deadline
Another prevalent Boston North Shore home selling fear is that a home won’t sell by a specific time frame. Many homeowners may want or need to sell prior to the start of a new school year or before the holidays arrive. To address this situation, it’s important to examine the most recent comparable sales and list the home at or lower than that price range. Again, engage a real estate professional to assist you in pricing the home to sell at a fair and competitive price for quick results.

My Real Estate Agent Wants me to Reduce my Home’s Sales Price
Generally speaking, real estate professionals are extremely knowledgeable about the Boston North Shore home selling market. Let’s face it, homeowners often feel their property is worth more than other homes in the neighborhood for a variety of reasons — most of which are emotion-driven. The best way to overcome the fear of selling a home for less than it’s worth is to discuss it with your agent. Get on the same page. Trust the agent’s experience and judgment. Simply put, allow your agent to do their job.

Having Strangers in my Home is Unsettling
Once a homeowner has decided to enter the Boston area home selling environment they’ve invited prospects to come tour their home. However, many people struggle with that aspect of the process. One solution to the fear is to “de-personalize” the home so it will feel less intrusive. Remove personal items such as photographs, trophies or awards. Store smaller collectibles, “breakables” or valuables in a safe place. Doing this will provide better peace of mind and may help alleviate this particular Boston area home selling fear.

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