Buyers in all age groups are often on the lookout for that perfect Boston North Shore starter home. There is often a lot more involved with selecting a starter home, however, than meets the eye. The choice will usually weigh heavily on setting certain priorities that you must sort out early in the process.

Popular Considerations

Buyers looking for a Boston North Shore starter home need to think about whether they want to remodel their new home or not.

There are a few considerations common to homes for sale that are of special concern to buyers looking for a Boston North Shore starter home. One is whether you want a house that has certain updates, like a new kitchen or bathroom upgrades, or if you’d rather spend less money and upgrade later. Another is whether or not the house can accommodate an addition later on, or it would require you to move if your household grew. Additionally, you will want to consider the size of the yard or if having one is important.

Cost Is a Factor

In many cases, the overall cost of the home will be the biggest deciding factor. Many buyers will compromise on features like storage, such as cabinets and shelves, and wall color in order to get a house that offers more space or an easier commute. The Boston North Shore has a competitive real estate market, especially because of its many towns that are ideal options for those commuting to Boston.

Choices for Floor Plans

Open floor plans are becoming more common across the real estate market, especially for frequent entertaining or accommodating family activities. One of the biggest concerns, however, is whether you should go for a house already built with an open plan or whether you want to do renovations to achieve an open plan. There is enough variety in home types in this region to ensure that you can make a choice that works well for your budget and home improvement capabilities.

Thinking Ahead

A Boston North Shore starter home is not necessarily short-term, as you could decide that it will continue to meet your needs. Consider whether you might live there for a least five years when making your decision. Be sure to call us for a free, no-obligation consultation on any real estate needs or questions pertaining to the Boston North Shore area. 1-978-219-4928.

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